1963; adapted and directed by Jean-Pierre Melville; 109 mins

I’m not a smoker but neither am I anti-smoking and the amount of fag smoke wreathed around the mise en scè€ne of this movie put me in mind of the low-hanging cloud that used to permeate so many pubs my family went to when I was a kid. I mean this is in a good, nostalgic way and also as a demonstration of how Jean-Pierre Melville‘s films still work so well… Continue reading


1991; directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise; adapted by Linda Woolverton, Kelly Asbury, Brenda Chapman, Tom Ellery, Kevin Harkey, Robert Lence, Burny Mattinson, Brian Pimental, Joe Ranft, Chris Sanders and Bruce Woodside; 85 mins

In anticipation (for want of a better word) of Disney’s Emma Watson co-starring Beauty and the Beast, I caught up with the 1991 animated version, which I couldn’t remember whether I’d seen or not. Having now seen it, I think I did but it would’ve been 20 years ago or more. Is it the rediscovered masterpiece that people are saying it is? No, But it’s pretty damn good! Continue reading


2012; directed by Mark Corvino and Jeff Howlett; 92 mins

Rock & Roll: that’s the thing most punk rockers seem to say when the subject is broached as to what makes them punk. They almost inevitably say they just wanted to make Rock & Roll music. That’s not the only connection this film has with the great pantheon of rockumentary filmmaking, though… Continue reading


2015; directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin; written by Brian Lynch; 87 mins

This is not a joke: I love this movie! I love the Minions! They were funny in Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 and – given their own movie – they are even more funny! OK, I admit, even with those previous adventures in the background, I still went in sceptical and slightly snobby but five minutes in and that intro, me, my folks and my sister-in-law were in fits of laughter! I have no idea whether anyone else was laughing because we were enjoying ourselves so much that we just disappeared into our own little bubble of childish glee! Continue reading


2017; directed by Danny Boyle; adapted by John Hodge; 117 mins

21 years on and it’s funny that everyone’s so excited for the return of these most beloved and – truly – iconic movie characters… because they are psychos and junkies! I mean, for me, that’s my kinda characters but it’s not often that the national or international consciousness waxes positive on disreputable working class characters. Normally, they need to stay in line with projected middle class values or be validated by meeting a royal or some such shite. Not here. I mean, one of the film’s saving graces is that even despite having Oscars in his pocket, Danny Boyle hasn’t turned into a ‘respectable’ director so whilst there is melancholy and regret but still all done with Captain Big Bollocks on the accelerator! Continue reading


1990; directed by Joel Coen (and Ethan Coen); written by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen; 115 mins

One of those many films that I came back to after x number of years to find my opinion of it slightly more nuanced. I first watched this about the time I was catching up with the work of Jim Jarmusch and whilst a few years hence my appreciation of Jarmusch’s work went up, looking at this third Coen Brothers’ outing, it has holes in it. Continue reading