1932; directed by Tod Browning; written by Willis Goldbeck and Leon Gordon; 64 mins


“We call you: the Not-Yet-Disabled” – Anon

One of the earliest examples of a director being pilloried for his uncompromising work, only to be rehabilitated years later. Freaks is one of the all-time horror classics that I have been remiss in catching up with so time to sort that out! Continue reading



1968; directed by Terence Fisher; adapted by Richard Matheson; 86 mins

Possibly the most frightfully English horror film I’ve ever seen, presented by the iconic Hammer, adapted by American genre legend Richard Matheson from the novel of the same name by Dennis Wheatley, stamped up front with the good old ‘X’ certificate and featuring not one but two Bond villains in the shape of Charles Gray and Christopher Lee! Suffice to say, it was promising going in and it delivers – providing that you’re willing to leave your cynicism at the door… Continue reading


2017; written and directed by Trey Edward Schults; 91 mins

I really, really liked this movie BUT we must first talk about the reaction this one has had. Much has been said about the marketing of this movie and the fact that the hype vs the final product divided the critics and the audiences. Critics were wowed by it’s craft and gut-gurgling tension building and audiences were underwhelmed by the lack of obvious thrills and slow pace. Now, one can write a million theses on either side but having seen the movie, thought it had been mis-marketed and then watched the trailer again, more closely… I think ultimately it’s the title that’s the mistake. Continue reading